Monday, January 4, 2010

The Gifts

My first entry this year's Mellow Yellow and Ruby Tuesday are the gifts that Champ and my son EJ received last Christmas. Champ love the toy that my SIL gave him and my son also love the toy that his cousin Jen gave her.

Even the adults had so much fun with this toy. Unfortunately Champ poked a hole with his needle teeth on this thingy so it didn't last very long.

Have a great week ahead folks.


  1. oh my Champ, hehehe.. more toys to broke.. haha.. behave Champ..:D

  2. Appreciated gifts are never wrong and I can see that some had fun with them ;)

    My mellow yellow

  3. such nice gifts :-)we love cars!

  4. Hahaha, iba talaga sa Amerika, pati aso me regalo, lol. Sabagay espesyal na aso talaga si Champ. He's like a member of the family na. I just can't imagine the happiness and joy that Champ has brought to your two kids if the adults themselves are amused with him. Very closely knit talaga ang pamilya ni John at nagiging magandang development din ito para sa dalawang anak mo. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  5. It's good to be appreciative and grateful of whatever we receive.

  6. Nice gifts ...

    thanks for dropping by my blog ...

  7. nice presents you have in there!

  8. hahhaha...super laki naman,!

    wow, spoiled si Champ...ganda ng toys nya....:)

    musta na dyan sis...sensya na ngayon lang talaga ako nablog hop...been a long time narin akong nawal sa!

    super manic ang monday ko not done packing....tapos dami ko ba laundry...waaaaaaa....:)

    daan me muna dito....salamat po pala sa dalaw at comments...mwah!

  9. nice gifts Rose,

    Your kids are always lucky, maraming mga taong nagspoil sa kanila about love and gifts.
    I think most of the kids are crazy of lightning Mcqueen. Even my son, parang nagkokolect ng lightning mcqueen from tshirts,socks and some small lighning mcqueen cars.

  10. I had a good laugh here (sa last picture) hahaha!!

    MYM/BM:Christmas gifts

  11. A sense of humor is always helpful!

    Thanks for your visit to my MYM post.

  12. Great toys! This looks like a lot of fun for all!

    ...Red Bush

  13. ROFL on the very last photo...of course my mind is always in the 'gutter' the deflated Lightning McQueen was just too much for us ladies to handle. "Good Champ"!!

    My Ruby Tuesday is posted HERE --scroll down below the Heads or Tails Meme to find it tho!

    Happy day to you.

  14. Love that doggie toy. We pamper our pets (we do the same with our cats). We hope the toy is what they wanted, even though the pets didn't really care. Our intentions were pure, though...


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