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Monday, November 2, 2009

Fun with Pots and Pans

Does your children ever been addicted into playing with pots and pans?

My two lil' ones wants to play with it everyday. Rylie has a very creative imagination and ideas about what she's suppose to be cooking.. Sometime's she would say that she's making filipino foods such as menudo, caldereta, adobo and so on.. for our dinner.. There are time's that she said she's making a dessert, baking cookies, cake and stuff like that.. And she'll put it in the plate and let you try it too lol... I have to act like I am enjoying to eat them to show her my appreciation..

It's so fun watching them. But sometime's when I have so much stuff going on around the house I don't want them playing with it because it's scattered everywhere especially in the living room and kitchen... Hayyyy mahirap pag may makukulit!


  1. Pots and pans are designed for kids, they make such a noise, that's the mian attraction. Who needs expensive computer games etc. when you have a kitchen full of toys!

    nb Hope you are well :)

  2. hahahaha makaulok man mga akos na ini,,as in when i see the pic of two lil my gosh,,,,nag uulok si nana mo solo!!!!!

  3. Thanks Martin! You're right because my son love to banged them together.. Gives me migraine though hahaha..

    Madz magbados ka na ngani urawang maenjoy mo naman motherhood lol.. Hope you'll get preggy when you go to the Phils..I'll be waiting for that good news when you come back hahaha.. Goodluck madz!

  4. hahhaha...cute naman ng mga bulilit mo sis....dami naman ideas ni Akesha din ganon...she get upset pag d tinitikman yung niluluto nya...hahahaha......assistant ata si Ej!

  5. ang cucute talaga ng mga chikitings mo hehe...
    wow! ang sasarap naman ng niluluto ni ganda...may menudo, adobo etc...^_^

  6. ang galing naman ni rye ate rose. marunong na mag imagine ng pinoy dishes. pinoy na pinoy talaga! soon, may katulong ka na sa kitchen..

    mukhang panalo na si rye sa pinoy smile. she deserves to win!

  7. off topic muna..

    galing ako don sa site ng contest..woohooo top si rylie rose..hahaha sana di maabutan kasi may 3 days pa yahoooo...

    go go go go mga kababayan, kabalikatan at kakampi...buto na kay rylie hahahaha.

  8. Such beautiful kids you have.


  9. na ganyan din ang jake ko bakla, he likes to stay at the kitchen to play with all the pans, plastic wares, laike you said very ornery kids as in.

    Btw, bakla sorry hindi ako masyado nakadalaw lately sa lahat ng mga ka bloggan sa bhay medyo busy na talaga kasi dalawang chikiting ko may dinaramdam kasi.

  10. Kids actually don't need expensive toys to make them happy. Tayong mga parents ang hindi happy pag hindi maganda and toys ng anak natin. We let them play with pots and pans, but only after buying the better toys they love. Di ba?

    Sige Rose, file na 'ko ng visa sa states ha, so we can go skiing. Hayy... wish ko lang!

  11. Ang cucute ng mga tsikiting mo Rosie...heheh how i wish i can have like them but maybe i will never have mine..

    Thanks nga pala sa comment mo sa CC ko.. Good night

  12. Children will always be children. They will play the whole day if they can. Ang problema lang eh walang katulong diyan sa Tate na tutulong sa yo sa pagliligpit nang mga kalat ng chikitings mo. Yun ang advantage dito sa Pinas. Maski hindi naman mayaman ay nakaka afford pa rin nang katulong. I could not survive with my wife in the States kung wala akong katulong. Pabayaan mo nang maglaro ang dalawang anghel mo. Turuan mo lang magligpit nang sarili nilang kalat. Very obedient naman sila eh. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

  13. hahahhahaa!!Sinabi mo pa!!\(^0^)/Minsan mapupuno na lang ang buong kusina mo ng flour dahil sa kalalaro nila ng pots at kawali lol!!


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