Monday, May 25, 2009

Moments with Pap

The theme for this Friday's Mommy Moment is Grandparents bonding. Our kids had a lot of sweet moments with their Pap back home that is why Rylie is so close to Dad. She is Pap's partner when he is brewing coffee, a duo in sweeping the yard, and even doing dishes. She misses all of those times that she and Pap can bond together.Here's Rye helping Dad clean up the dishes.
Having a short walk in the neighborhood. Take her for ride in her stroller during winter times. A team in watching TV. Dad even attended EJ's baptism, which shocked all of us because he really is not a church goer. Pap is the cushion when they are sleepy. And a tour guide during adventures. I must have deleted accidentally the folder where Mama had moments with our kids wahhhh..


  1. hi just dropping by here
    have a great day and happy blogging

  2. Ang bait ni GrandPa sa kanyang mga apo!!buti naman at nagkakasundo kayo ni FIL mo,Ate Rose.

    Take care!!Ingat sa biyahe!saan ba ang alis nyo?ngayon lang ako nakasilip dito eh.

  3. Ang sweet naman ng maglolo! At napapasok nyo ng simbahan ha! That means love na love nya apo nya!

  4. wow manang this is so sweet......Akesha is like that too....she gets too excited when her "ganpa" is here....:)

    he so caring and sweet to the sure he misses Rye and EJ....:)

    thanks for sharing these photos manang...ako din wala ata akong ma share na pics kina mama kasi when we went there, nahulog yung digicam namin sa kasing si goryo na slip at bitbit ang cam...haahha...babawi nalang kami next time...hhehehe!

  5. your father in law must really love your kids so much that he even went to church to attend ej's baptism... i bet he misses them so much and couldn't wait till you move back here.

  6. I am not sure if my comment awhile ago went through. So, I made another comment now hahaha.

    Mga kids mo parang ikaw, super matulungin talaga...cute nya nung nasa dishwasher hahaha.

  7. Your father in law must love your kids so much. Who would not with such adorable kids as yours. Thanks for the memorable photos. God bless you always.

  8. i read somewhere that grandparents and children go along so well because they have a common enemy. LOL

  9. wow ang galing ni lolo alagang alaga ang mga apo


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