Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Busy Beaver

We got our free ornamental plants for this year. Although the selection were not as good as last year's I can't complain because it's FREE lol.. But anyhow, here are the assortments of the flowers... That's me standing there, deciding which one to get lol..
Here are the ones that we took. And here is my every helpful daughter Rylie eagerly planting! She is our Busy Beaver... Have a good night everyone.. My eyes are closing now.... See you tomorrow.


  1. Nice flower plants you have here, Rose :-), at ang sipag naman ng happy helper mo :-), kakatuwa eh, good job, Rylie!

  2. mads wara ki free here even grass or so makahiya na grass it cost 1.50 euro. here..youre so lucky to have it for free kaya baribiha ki maray hehehe

  3. So you love flowers my sister too, siguro if we could get a new house ung kami na lang talaga na titira doon siguro I would learn to plant flowers kasi pangit naman ang house kung wala ang mga flowers di ba kahit pa siguro you got really a big house kung walang green na makikita sa paligid, it will look dull perhaps.

  4. grabi libre lahat yan? pwede makahingi? hehehe!

    dito kasi walang libre...kaya ayon tuloy...ang garden ko pending kasi wala pang flowers....mahal din kasi eh..tapos bibili pa ako ng lupa at mga bato...kakaloka!

    dami mong nakuha manang ah...hehehe...enjoy gardening...pano kung aalis kayo...pano mga halaman? hehehe!

  5. Girl..ang ganda namn ng plants ..pwde makahingi.hehehe

  6. Ang ganda naman nyan rose, lalo na pagfree hehehe. Damihan mo kaya bigay mo samin ang iba. lookat your happy helper talagang super busy.
    So august 13 pala wedding anniv nyo ha, malapit na...ilang taon na kayo mag asawa rose?

  7. The phrase "a picture paints a thousand words" finds meaning in your blog. You depict so much more with your pictures. I was able to see the bond of love that exist in your family because of the numerous pictures you post in your blog. And that makes your blogs (including your hubby's and your other blogs) very entertaining and pleasant. You have a gem of a daughter in Rylie. She sure knows how to imitate her mother. Thanks for the wonderful articles you keep on posting. They are a treat to your readers. Thanks so much and God bless you always.

  8. Hey, si Rylie parang yung kid ko, she likes also to water all the plants - lalo na noong time na may sakit ang mom ko, she took over that chores.

    The place looks a lot like John Hay here - noong nandito pa ang mga kano.

  9. @Hello Ate Ces, Rylie really love gardening... ewan ko ba, can't do anything without her.. I am glad because she is very eager to do a lot of things with us.

    @Oh really Philip? Nice to know that!

    @Hahahah gare man sa States puro man duman bakal.. Actually free ini ta sa housing mads...Kaya I am enjoying my hobby with free stuff hehehe.

    @You are so right Anne, when we bought our house alang ka plants plants around the yard kaya i busied myself planting flowers around, kaya lang magastos sa Tate eh puro bili, pati lupa binibili pa. dyan sa Pinas, pwede ka manghingi ng plants sa kapitbahay eh heheh..

    @Hi Dhemz, ang regulations dito pag aalis ka na daw you need to put the yard the way it looks pagdating mo.. eh sabi ko naman syang yung plants kasi bumabalik sila every year lalo na yung roses tapos nung dumating kami masukal yung garden hehehe.. Kakaloka talaga dyan sa statets, dami ko rin nagastos nung nag tanim ako ng mga halaman dyan.

    @Thanks Yub!

    @Hi Shy, oo nga kaso limited din binibigay hehehe.. minsan nga nasasayang din kasi di naman lahat ng andito sa housing mahilig maghalaman eh, mga pinoy lang ata mahilig dito hehehe.. Mag sisix years na kami Shy.. Kunin mo ko ninnang hehehe kasi kasabay sya sa anniv namin lol..

    @Thanks a lot for those encouraging and wonderful words Kuya Mel. Nakakataba ng puso, siguro nga po nasa pagpapalaki ng anak ang ang kakalakihan nilang attitude... Thank you so much for always visiting and commenting.

    @Oh talaga Gem, that is good that Janna love taking care of the flowers too...

  10. You are in US and yet your dressing is still Pinay.

    Cam we exchange link?

  11. hope we could exchange link with my baby blog...http://gracie-rocks.blogspot.com/

    thanks ate

  12. You know, gardening in US is enjoyable. Gardening in our country is terrible. The weather is so hot outside the house.

  13. nice choices! your little daughter looks good trying to plant!

  14. Hello Rose..Visiting you here..I am giving you some awards but I noticed that you already have them..I still wanna give them to ya..Take care


  15. wow!libre ba?ang sipag naman ng dalaga mo!naku!wala yata akong hilig dyan sa halaman na yan eh,walang nabubuhay sa alaga ko (T_T)


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