Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Morn

When my husband went to Daegu last week, he bought an easter basket for our little ones. He also bought some other stuff that we added in the basket. After several days of hiding it at his work, he brought it home on Saturday Night so we could surprise the kids on Sunday morning. When our angels woke up, they were very happy to see that the "Easter Bunny" have left them some Easter baskets.
Here's EJ and Rylie with bed heads hehehe.. Rylie exclaimed "Wow, how did the Easter Bunny knows what I Like!" Then after we ate our breakfast, we got ready to go to church and attend the mass. Before we left, we took some pictures of ourselves lol.. And we can't take pictures without Rylie sharing her talentt, so here is her shot of me, Dad and EJ. Happy Monday everyone. Thanks for visiting and commenting!


  1. wow, nakaktuwa nman tlga tignan family mo kabayan, so happy! take care always!

  2. http://jenny-thewayiusetobe.blogspot.com/..

    Done adding...hope u will do the same

  3. katuwa naman.. sweetest parents in the whole wide world!!

    i hope someday marealize ni wrolzie na easter bunny is her loving parents :) hahah

    miss u too mare!!!

  4. Rylie is getting better and better! I won't be surprised if someday, model na, photographer pa siya. Keep it up Rylie! :)

    thanks sa visit Rose and John, dalaw ako sa Sailors and Etc later, promise! :)

  5. One Sweet Family! Galing talaga ni Rylie sa photography!

  6. woi "hanep astig ang dating mo Mare"...hehhee...nice photos....look at their faces..hehhehe...surprise surprise....did they thought that they are going to have an easter basket? hehhee.....:)

    laki ng basket tsaka daming laman....kami we did not buy easter basket for her kasi she already have 4 baskets...nako dami nga candy dito na d nakakain...hehhehe....kakaloka..buti yang basket nila manang...mukhang more on toys which is good....kasi pag candy nako...it ruins the apetite...tapos sa teeth pa..nako..mahal ang dentist....joke!

    woi manang...naka shades pa kayo ha...bat si fafa juan d naka shades kayo lang 3? hehehe....cute pics indeed! thanks for sharing manang...:)

    I miss to chicka with you...will talk to you soon...need to let people know about my blog url....did you get my IM?

    hope you can update my blog url too manang...thanks a lot!

  7. para palang x-mas pag easter sunday--yung santa claus sa pasko,easter bunny naman sa easter!Ang saya-saya!!

  8. Hi rose, It's more like Christmas than Easter!

  9. hello Rose1 done you a badge and an HTML code to go with it.

    let me know your email add para masend ko ang buong code for you. let me know my either leaving a comment on my blog or by emailing me at maryannemax@yahoo.com

    have a great day!

  10. What a cute family, glad to see you all had a nice Easter. I want to tell your husband I am proud of any Father that participates in family time, it is so important to the kid's, have a great week.

  11. Belated Happy Easter te...i am late man oi..hehehhehe..dami naman toys nyan for easter... Easter in US nho for the kids talaga...para ring halloween and xmas mraming toys and candies

    I got a tag for you diay te..just grab it nalang whenever you have time...http://chuchieshideaway.blogspot.com/2009/04/international-bloggers-community.html


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