Tuesday, January 20, 2009

swarovski flowers

My husband sent me this as his first valentine gift. Instead of sending fresh flowers, he sent me this swarovski roses. I can't get a good picture though because of the reflection.. I appreciate things like this more than a fresh flower, do you know why? Because I can keep this flower till I die while fresh flowers only last for so many days right. But of course I like recieving fresh flowers too hahaha... Conflict of interest lol...
Good night everyone!


  1. nice flowers.
    I love both fresh nd plastic flowers. I never got any flowers from hubby during valentines day or any special ocassion, he used to give other thngs .
    pero one time he gave me living red roses n pot, when i passed the examnation of learning swedish,that was 3 yrs ago haha, but until now buhay parin.

  2. wow! sweet naman ni juanito...hehehe....ako it doesn't matter if fresh or not..as long as the thought is there oks na oks na...si hubby naman once a month bnbgyan ako ng flowers or plants..depende...hehhehe! i got one yesterday...it is not a flower it is a plant this time...hehhe! usually pag VD..he will give flowers and chocolates...love your VD present sistah!

  3. cute sana pero di masyado ma-appreciate because of the reflection. try to set your cam to suppress the flash, or better yet, take a photo during day time. I am very interested to see how it actually appears.

  4. aawww so sweet po naman!! I haven't received flowers from hubby forXXXyears!LOL!so envious po!
    thank you po for the visit!:)


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