Saturday, January 17, 2009

simple celebration

We dined out tonight to celebrate EJ's birthday. We did not have party for him in here because we want my family in the Philippines to enjoy it too, so we will be having his party there when we visit this March. We invited a family friend to eat with us.. Thanks Ate for the gift and for celebrating with us.. Our daughter just wanted a soup so that was she had, mushroom soup...
We ate our favorite korean dish...... bibimbop..


  1. All the very best wishes by heart dear friends!

  2. Happy Birthday EJ LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! TITA CHRIS AND TITA GING!

  3. Happy Birthday EJ. I have so many fave Korean soup but I cannot remember the names. Beef Bulgogi is my ultimate favorite, I can eat a whole bowl.. Wow, you're going to the Philippines this March? That's exciting..I bet your family is excited too...

  4. I don't like bulgogi because of the beef hehehe.. I like the other but cant remember the name heheheh.. thanks Liz!

  5. Happy Birthday sure your family in the PI manang will enjoy Ej's party...I know how excited you are....ako din excited rin para sayo...heheh! bakasyon galor ka nito...ehheh!


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