Tuesday, January 13, 2009


This picture was taken last year's winter at Dad's front porch where John and Rylie were having fun taking off the icicles from the side of the roof. Those are the things that we miss during winter times. There is a road also that we always passes by when we go to the mall in Ohio that has big Icicles hanging on the rocky mountain. They're beautiful to look at.


  1. you're right dear.. that's a father and child bonding that is very very nice to look at!! :)

    ei advance happy birthday to pogi bunsoy tom!!

    well anyways, ive changed yena's url to www.yenaeras.blogspot.com please update her link to ur blog roll ha. ;)

    ingat lagi dear!!


  2. that is cool!..am not really fond of winter sis.am glad we live in Cali...hehhe....d ako mahilig sa snow kasi eh...:) dba may snow sa korea?


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