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Friday, January 9, 2009

Snowy winter

We don't have snow in the place where we are right now so we miss the fun we had during winter back in the mainland. Although its not fun to drive on an icy road but snow sure bring fun for the family like us who love having fun. These were taken two years ago at Dad's yard. Even my father misses watching us play in the snow, every time we talk to him on the phone, he always tells us about it.


  1. wow the snow is so thick my dream is to experience touching and playing it too lol

  2. wow, ganda naman :-) looked like nag enjoy talaga si ry ah!

    anyay, her e visiting again and dropping ec ;-)

  3. hayy super cute talaga ni baby .... i don't know why i am so fascinated with snow...

  4. Some 'cool' pictures there Rose. Glad you're all wrapped up well.

  5. hello sistah...looks like you had fun..I am not really fond of snow..thank goodness we live in Cali. I like to go to snow and snow skiing but living on the snow is not my type...hehehe!

  6. Ganda pla dyn s inyo Rose, d2 kc wlang snow... enjoy na enjoy tlga kayong mag family...


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