Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fly like a bird

EJ was six months old in these photographs and Rylie was two years old. Isn't it amazing how time flies that children grow up instantly. Now our son is turning two while my daughter is 3 years old, soon enough they're gonna start going to school. Gosh thinking about that makes me feel sad and at the same time happy. Sad because I am going to miss their childhood but happy because they are growing up while I am still around. I am glad that I am a stay home Mom, I see and experience every little thing that our children does. It must be hard for those mother's who work full time and their time with thier kids are limited.
Spend time with your kids while they still want to be around you. I heard from other parents that once your kids hit teen age, they start doing their thing on their own.


  1. that's true. spend and enjoy now while they're still young.

  2. Hi. your kids looks so adorable!

  3. or probably much earlier age than that... i really admire that you personally take care of your kids ...

    my sis in law who is a registered engineer, also did the same...stay at home mom and career is a backseat

    so admirable

  4. so cute...and so true..time does is kinda nuts how fast..I have a 13 year old and it just seems like yesterday she was toddler...and we are the 3 year old will start school soon to and I am not looking forward to that... :(

  5. You are right to enjoy them now and that time goes by all too quickly! Sweet shots!

    Happy Week,
    artmusedog and carol
    A Creative Harbor


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