Monday, December 14, 2009

My plant survived

When we were transferring to Korea, I have this plant at my house and I don't want to just leave it there at our home and die so I asked my father-in-law to take good care of it for me. I brought it to his house and I am so thankful that when we came back, my plant is still living and it got so healthy and big. Thank you so much Dad!


  1. galing mag alaga si FIL mo sis..buhay na buhay pa yung plant mo....isa lang pina alagaan mo? hehehee.....yung iba iniwan mo....ehhehehe...unfair kaya sa ibang plants yon....joke lang!

  2. Bait naman ng FIL're so blessed:)

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  3. Ang ganda ng plant mo Rose...swerte mo ang bait ni FIL mo at inaalagaan ang plant mo..hehehe

    Thanks sa message about Payingpost Rose..pero wala akong mahanap na code sa html..baka nawala na ng mag palit ako ng LO..thanks again.


  4. so kind of him girl, ano nga ang name ng plant na yan?

  5. Obviously, your father-in-law has green thumbs. So thumbs up for him!

    I left so many plants I planted in my entire life oftentimes with much heartaches for I could not take them with me most of the time. So I ended up giving them away.

    The one in my fleur-de-liz blog header is one of my most cherished garden. I started building it from scratches.

    It never ran out of flowers all year round. Good by dear garden.

    That indoor plants are really the best. Easy to keep and maintain.

    So plant on!

  6. that's so nice of your Father-in-law to take care of the plant for you and look ang healthy o! hugs!

  7. Yes, your father in law is so good to take care of your plants. That they became even healthier speaks of the love and care that your father in law showered on them . God bless him more for that. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  8. Wow! Galing naman ni FIL mo sis kasi inalagaan talaga ng mabuti ang halaman mo... Lakas mo talaga sa kanya.. lol..

    salamat sa bisita..


  9. That's a beautiful plant! I'm happy for you that it's still growing and healthy. :)

  10. Sometimes parents in law are useful!!!

  11. musta na sis? how was your weekend? hope ok ka na jan....daan lang me dito para mangumusta....miss you manang ko....pahinga kalang jan ha....:)


    bukas na ako blog hop...super late na dito eh....:)

  12. Bait ng father in law mo. You are so blessed to have him. :)


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