Thursday, October 15, 2009

Weekend Snapshot

This is my very first entry to the meme. I am sharing the beautiful colors of.
This is one of my favorite seasons because it is not very hot and it is not very cold either, just perfect. Added bonus is the beautiful color of the nature!
Vibrantly gorgeous!
Thank you folks for peeking at my post!


  1. hello! you have lots of lovely autumn pictures. i love autumn because of the colours. btw, thanks for visiting my blog. :)

    anyway, welcome to weekend snapshot. I'm skipping this weeks one because i haven't had time to upload any photos - but hopefully I'll have something next week.

    Gave a good week!

  2. Napakayaman mo yata Rose pati dahon kinukunan mo ng picture, hehehe, lol. Pero okay yun nagjo joke lang ako. I hope manalo si Rylie. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

  3. Hi Kuya Mel, its not that I am rich naman po, I just love taking pics hehehe.. Its one of my favorite hobby kasi..

  4. woi very artistic! love what you did the photo...very nice!

    my fave season is spring....not really fond of autumn....kasi rake time yan dito sa backyard! nag start na nga mag lagas yung mga fruit trees namin...kakaloka....hate raking leaves....magagamit ko na ulit yung walis tingting ko....waaaa....ahahaha!

    musta pala ang weekend nyo? kami kakauwi lang namin awhile ago..we went to the pumpkin patch....we got some pumpkins....

    sowe now lang me naka dalaw....busy ang life pag weekend...

    sige sis punta muna ako sa ibang blogs hop muna ako....mwah!

  5. waaaaaaa...kay greg na account yung ginamit ko...nakalimutan nya mag log!

  6. I wish we have autumn here too! Keep sharing na lang whatever season you are enjoying there now.Love it!

    Am done voting for Rye. Tomorrow na lang ulit! See you again.

  7. Ganda nga ng color kapag autumn. Kaya lang wala 'yan dito sa atin.

    BTW, voted for your daughter :)

  8. How I long to experience autumn! Hay sana meron dito sa pinas. :) Thanks for the visit Rose...

    BTW voted for Rylie already, she truly deserves to win with her sunny and radiant smile!

  9. Nice shots bakla, theres beauty talaga kahit ang dahong laya ano.

    pwedi ba bomoto many times in one day bakla para maka abot si Rye.

  10. hello Manang Rose, nag-vote na ako.. hanggang 31st ito.. promise 'yan.. muahhh! By the way, those are amazing colors.. beautiful!

    Cacai M.'s Place

  11. hehehehe ang ganda ng leaf, kahit leaf lang yan

  12. nice naman ng pics dito, as always.

  13. i love autumn too. ganda ng mga pics mo Rose..

  14. Autumn is my fave season,too!!Ang gaganda kasi ng colors ng mga dahon eh noh?


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