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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stuffed & Grilled Squid

I took out the gut of the squid and stuffed it with chopped up onions and tomatoes. I put soy sauce and sprinkled it with black pepper. This was my first time doing this kind of menu, I am not even sure if there's a recipe like this hehehe. I just made it up and the result is awesome. Too bad my kabarangays are not fond of squid so I am the only one eating it. I freeze three of them, now I am down to one lol..

I found one jalapeño in the fridge so I cut it in half, removed its seeds, stuffed it with the salsa and then I put it inside the squid's tummy. I like it better than the one that does not have jalapeño.

I put foil on top of the grill so it won't burn easy.

Oh after you stuffed the squid, make sure to put tooth pick to it so the stuffing wont come out.

Try it guys, it is soooo good!

My new creation, grilled stuffed squid! Happy Yummy Sunday!

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  1. oh my, oh my, im drooling here... wwwwaaaaaaa... i think i'll cook my own squid tomorrow for this craving..

  2. Welcome to Yummy Sunday! Your squid photo looks really yummy. Thanks for sharing the recipe too. I would love to try this.:)

  3. hhhmmm..sarap naman..tulo laway here...lolz..i love grilled squid. and the sawsawan bagay na bagay sa grilled squid...:)

  4. Ang sarap naman niyan bakla, tulungan kita sa pagkain niyan. squid, shrips are my faves. too bad i can't find squid that looks like that here and besides its the Mr. who takes care of the grocery shopping so hindi ako binibilhan ng seafood masyado kasi tamad maghanap. you know na ang mga lalaki talagang kung ano nasa list yun lng ang gagawin.

    Kaya bakla maawa ka sa akin, ikain mo ako ng marami niyang stuffed squid mo.

  5. oooh! thank you for the recipe Momi Rose! frankly, I am getting tired of adobong pusit hahaa. i will try this soonest.

    till next Sunday!

  6. URHGS! ginutom mo ako kabayan! hehehehe!

  7. sarap niyan Rose, mahilig ka talaga sa anghang ha, might try that one, kaya lang mareklamo sa amoy tong clan ko

  8. we had tried this too just recently. Our friend taught us.
    Yes, talagang yummy 'to!

  9. hmmmm...saraaaaapppppp!
    Gusto ko to...

  10. I like grilled squid so much! Kaya ko yatang umubos ng lima! hehehe! ang sarap naman niyan, sana naman magkatime akong gumawa niyan! nakakagutom!!!

  11. Oh my!!Matagal na rin kasi akong di nakaka-kain ng squid--blame my husband for having an allergy to seafoods!!D-R-O-O-L-E-D!!!\(^0^)/

  12. Masarap talaga ang stuffed squid. Maraming variants sa luto na yan pero ang pinakamasarap eh yung grilled. Pwede rin itong i deep fry. Binuboto ko si Rylie araw araw. I am hoping and praying that she wins. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

  13. wahhhhhhhhhhhhh girl pagkalami ba ana oi wahh galaway man ko oi gigutom ko

  14. I was drooled when I saw this in here.Masubukan nga din yan,looks so yummy,mahilig pa naman sa squid ang asawa ko.Thanks for sharing your new menu Rose.Sana lang kasing sarap ng sayo ang magagawa ko.

  15. Hello...ang tagal ko nang hindi nakakain nang squid, minsan lang kasi mayroon dito na fresh most of them frozen.
    copiahin ko recipe mo if ok ha?

    Salamat sa pag-daan at comment mo sa blog ko ha...
    Surely I do want to be your friend nice to meet you...
    Hope to see you around...
    Thankz in advance sa recipe and ulit sa visit...

    Have a good day!

  16. sarap naman ng squid na to; sa totoo lang ginutom ako eh.

  17. mukhang napaka-sarap naman neto ate.. =)


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