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Friday, September 4, 2009

Egg Omelet

This is good especially for the kids because it is loaded with Vit. C from tomato. The ingredients are green bell pepper, smoked sausage, tomatoes, a dash of salt and pepper and you can also put onion in it. I usually sauteed this filling but this time I just mixed it in a bowl and put it in the microwave for a minute. It is better that way, the veggies stay crisp.
You can put mozzarella cheese on top of the egg, it helps in holding the two sides together when you fold the egg with the filling in it.
Here's the finish product. My son does not like veggies but he eats it when it is in the egg.

Another tip of making your kids eat veggies is by putting them in a fried rice. EJ love fried rice and when I make it, I make sure that it has lots of veggies in it (green peas, corn, bell pepper, and carrots)


  1. yum,yum,yummy omelet and healthy,too!!I love your version of omelet because of that mozzarella cheese!!

    Si Grace ang nag-ayos ng layout ko--wala kasi akong alam dyan eh lol!Para kasi akong tinamad magmula nung nagkasakit ako(T_T)pero ngayon,I'm back again!!Na-miss ko na kasi kayo!!^_^

  2. Hi Chubs, gusto ko itong egg veggie omelet mo. itatray ko nga ito. pareho mga kids natin mahilig sa fried rice na may green peas, corn, etc. bale nabibili ko ang veggies prepacked na.

  3. i like your egg omelet, the veggies are so fresh and for sure yummy.Putting the veggies in fried rice won't work with my boys, they pick the smallest pieces one by one.
    And just like you, pagdating sa baking, taga kain lang ako, si husband lang mahilig mag bake for the boys.

    Thanks for joining. :)

  4. Oh yeah, this was one of my favorite when I was still in the Philippines. Thanks for reminding me about this, Rose. :)
    I don't know what will be my entry tomorrow. :(

  5. I am back here bakla to taste you yummylicious omelet. Love the mixture of different color. I used ham in my omelet andno pepper. Now that i see yours Im gonna try with peppers and a bunch of tomato. My jake love eggs too, napapagod ako mag isip ano ipapakain ko everyday, kasi he always have eggs, with carrots and peas. sometimes napapagod na siguro siya sa vegies niluluwa na kaya bigyan ko nlng ng slice bread at cheese ayaw kasi sa meat nahihirapan siguro siya mag chew.

    Anyway, nice tip bakla, try ko yan pag malaki na itong kabayo ko heheheheeh. kisses and hugs to your chubskulit. Ang galing mo talaga magbigay ng name sa dalawang monster ko bakla love the J&J.

    Kumusta na nga pla ang linkfromblog mo? I got 1 task kahapon, when I submitted my finished post ang kulit, ayaw tanggapin at first kasi they want the advertisers link, so added anonther one para makita nila ang link. ayon approved na.

  6. I love omelet with lots of cheese. :)

  7. sis ang sarap naman nito..I'll surely try it..

    BTW sis OK na OK na yong 1000 EC, about links what I mean is anong blog ang gusto mong appear, this blog, Etcetera2x or the Marveling clan...he..he...Thanks so much

  8. Ang sarap ng omelet kahit may allergy ako sa eggs..haha. ang sarap ng vege na inilagay mo.

    Hay naku Rose, wa epek yan sa bunso ko na sometimes ihalo ang vege sa fried rice or egg...hahawiin lang nya ang vege hahaha. ayaw talaga ng kahit na anong gulay.

    BTW. about linkfromblog. Check mo yong url na inilagay mo...permalink kasi ang ilagay at hindi ang blog url. then ang visible counter ay ilagay mo sa post mo about them. it's either sa itaas ng post or sa baba. wag mo syang i-insert sa gitna kasi mahirap ma read ng linkfromblog. At yong permalink, check mo din kasi nakalagay na doon ang http:// so check mo kasi pag paste mo permalink mo doon, may http sya so mag doble na http nya kung di mo binura ang http mo sa permalink mo...check mo lang ulit Rose.


  9. oh wow! this is one of my favorite breakfast! i'd add mushrooms and cubed Vienna sausage to my omelet.:P

  10. Hi Rose!
    Your omelet looks so healthy and delicious! Nakakagutom! Pahingi! he he..

  11. hmmm sarap naman ng omelet. e try ko yong recipe mo for a change kasi yong omelet namin is always made from spring onions, tomatoes, bacon and a bit of milk.

    thanks for sharing

  12. Hi Rose! Your omelet sure looks very yummy! I'm sure it tastes just as good. Hay gutom na tuloy ako. I love omelet and ur recipe is certainly a winner. :) Nagbcbchan din ako kya d masyado nakag blog.hop...

    Thanks sa dalaw friend! Ingat. Enjoy ur weekend. :)

  13. wow rose! thanks for the idea. i will create an omelet tomorrow for breakfast. yum!

  14. wow! galing naman ng manang ko..ganon pala paggawa ng omelet....never tried making one...hope maka gawa din ako nito...mukhang masarap eh....:)

    musta na manang ko...miss na miss na miss na miss na kita.....:) hope we can chicka....hehehehe!

    daan din ako dito....punta muna ako sa other blogs nyo...mwah!

  15. My kids love omelet too 'though yors look so yummy.Thanks for the visit Rose,as always...:D
    Have a Blessed morning to you & your family!

    Mine's here...

  16. The omelet looks good and healthy!

  17. nagutom ako bigla...yummy desert...sana may recipe paano ba magluto nyan sistah??..hehehe..god bless~always take care

  18. ah a copy na sa recipe mo..try ko din mukhang masarap eh..hehehe..thanks for sharing
    god bless

  19. your omelet looks very yummy and healthy Rose :-); try ko nga yung mga colorful na ingredients mo.

  20. wow mukhang masarap ito..maitry nga ito bukas...

  21. Wow! Very yummy omelet!

    Btw, Mommy, I can't find my link in your list. If you haven't added it yet, kindly use my new domain. Its :) This is for Online mommy's Corner.

    Thank you in advance!

  22. What a practical way to have your kids to eat vegetables. I am having the same problem with my kids. But it is harder to fool them because they are mostly grown ups. Your vegetable omelet looks very delectable, hmmm, yummy, yummy, hehehe, lol. Thanks for he post. God bless you always.

  23. Alam mo,ang galing ng idea mo sa omelet na may cheese,para dumikit.

    pero sa fried rice,ganyan din ako tuwing nagluluto ako.
    laging may gulay.

  24. i love that kind of omelete

    but sad to say i cant present it dat way thus it always end up as scrambled :((

    my entry is here

    Great day for us Food Weekenders:)

    Thanx for the Visit :)

  25. love it with lots of cheese... sweet onion tomato and pepper... solve na ang breakfast

  26. Wow, looks so yummy! I love eggs and cheese! You gave me an idea! I'll follow this too. :)

  27. The preparation was superb, it can tantalize those who are hungry. Very colorful. ~~Howard Elliott Mirrors


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