Monday, June 22, 2009

Eggplant Omelet, the healthy way

Tortang talong or eggplant omelet is very popular to Filipinos, it is a common dish that is commonly prepared. This is usually fried but I sometimes bake it to avoid too much grease and its healthier. Have you try baking eggplant omelet? It's good!


  1. wow mukhang masarap nga!sa tingin pa lang katakamtakam na! matry nga minsan yan ^_^ akala ko nung una pepperoni and cheese pizza! hehehe... great job! ang ganda ng presentation! ^_^ yumyum!

  2. Wow.. when kaya ako makatikim nyan! LOL!

    BTW Thanks Rose for your Father's Day greetings. Extend my greetings to John too! God bless you and the entire family.

  3. I love the common tortang talong the pinoy way but it's much healthier if you bake it in the oven and yours is a delish!!

    Yap,actually nakauwi na kami from bukid of tralala nung Sunday evening pa at sobrang uugod-ugod na ang Lola mo sa katatanim ng palay lol!!

  4. miss ko na kumain nyan! di kasi ako mahilig sa talong..pero pag torta kumakain ako c",)

  5. i haven't tried bake eggplant omelet. I once had fried eggplant omelet. hmm.. nakakagutom man kaayo Rose..hehehe.. the picture makes my mouth waters..heeheheh

  6. pwede pa rin pala akong kumain ng omelet kase pwede syang baked. hindi kc ako pwede sa oily foods so tamangtama ito sa akin.


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