Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Wow, I can't believe its been 4 years now since I first came in the States... Actually one year na akong absent sa US of A but our stay here in the land of the morning calm still counts as if we're there. Just reminiscing here folks. It seems like I been away from my homeland forever because when I left in the Philippines, I was seven months pregnant with my daughter and now I have two lovely buitos. Time really fly so fast. How about you guys, what transpired during your last four years?
I am about to hit the bed again, gosh it seems like I don't have time to blog anymore... Goodnight everyone, I'll see you tomorrow in your blogs!


  1. wow talaga manang? Yehey, 4 years ka na rin dito? hehhee....ako sa june pa yung 4 years ko....hehehhe:)

    tagal na din nyo sa Korea ano? natuto ka na bang mag korean? hehhehe!

  2. eeeee!!happy 4 yrs sau mare!! :)

    4 yrs ago ako ay nagliliwaliw pa at nag ienjoy sa aking single life hahaha :)

    kamusta mga kids??

  3. sis,ang cute ng mag bulilit mo...hehehe...Stay cool there

  4. 4 years ago I was still in high school and now I have my own place and I'm 350 miles away from home. Time really does fly.

  5. Yes, those 4 years have been so fulfilling and blessed on your part. To have two lovely kids and a supporting husband are blessings from the Lord. Thanks for your post. God bless you always.

  6. 4 years is a lot! Really, time flies so fast like boeing 747! Dati wala kang Rylie and EJ, ngayon ang lalaki na nila! You're so blessed, Rose!


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