Friday, May 8, 2009

Say Cheese

It's time to get the camer rolling hehehe.. These photos of my son was taken the other day when after I gave him a bath, he took nap and when he woke up his hair looked like this.. Rylie's photos was taken yesterday, I was in the mood to click cick click the camera..

How's your Thrusday everyone? I was not able to attend to my Korean class today, hubby went out of town and did not able to go home early.. This Korean class will be over in 3 weeks and I haven't learn anything yet lol..


  1. hay naku kay cu-cute talaga ng mga batang to! Syemre may pinagmanahan! kakatuwa namn hair ni EJ parang sa anime. hehehe!

  2. All happy smiling faces which we love to see!

  3. hi mads
    nakalipat na kami..hay super pagod..
    sorry now lng kami nag kainternet...dami pa naming aayusin..

  4. @Salamat Anney, ano ba pwede ko itawag sa anime kong anak lol....

    @Thanks Martin

    @Hi Mads, glad to know you have your internet back.. Get busy!

    @Thanks Tkim!

  5. Wonderful photos of your adorable kids as usual. Your kids will grow up to be respectable and God fearing people. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

  6. your children are beautiful!

    God bless your family, Rose.

  7. Ang cutey kids!!

    Happy Mother's DAy,Ate Rose!!^_^Take care!

    I'll be back again on Monday--busy pa eh!(T_T)

  8. you've got such adorable kids!

    anyways, 2 more sleeps and it's Mother's Day! have a great one!

  9. Love your kids! they're truly adorable :-).. Sorry about your sons bump, it will get alright soon..

    Have a nice day with your lovely family:-)


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