Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Liver Spread Magic

As I was gathering my ingredients for the menudo that I was gonna cook for our lunch yesterday, I saw this Reno liver spread that was given to me by a Filipina friend here in base, few months back. It immediately popped up into my mind, what will be the taste of menudo if I add this to it. So being as curious as I am, I did put mixed it with my menudo menu. To my surprise, it was very good. As you can see, this was the only left in the pan when I remember to capture a photo lol.. You might wanna try it guys.. It was darn good..
Goodnight for now folks, its 12:30 and I am so tired and sleepy. I just posted this one after I got done folding 3 baskets full of laundry... Whew! See you folks tomorrow!


  1. Tita Rose, like yourself, I do not know when to stop the blogs, and go to bed. That is the truth, this is an addiction for me. I'm sure that soon--if not already--there will be a Blogger's Anonymous 12-Step Program, for peeps who want to stop, and stay stopped!

    That's the trouble, with things like this, it is ALL or NOTHING, I cannot just "slack off a little", or a lot!

    More another time. I enjoy visiting. PEACE.

  2. Hi Rose do you still have left over can i have it hehehehe. loos so yummy, give us the recipe mommy so that i can try that here.hehe
    BTW, got a tag for you grab it pag may time ka

  3. wow manang,mukhang masarap ito ah...sayang wala na natira...hingi sana ako...hehhee....never tried that try ko nga next time..salamat sa idea are so natural...chef talaga kung mag isip...hehhehe!

    woi ako dpa tapos sa 4 baskets ko...buti kapa tapos na...hehhee...pending kasi to parati...:)

    sige manang...fold ulit ako ng clothes...mamaya na ako bloghop sa tribo natin....hehehe!

  4. Yes, I've known that secret recipe a long time ago. Liver spread is a good thickening agent, just like grated cheese or bread crumbs. They add that bit of sauciness in your viands. Now try this. Try to use peanut butter (the local brand which is sweet and creamy, not the American brands that are salty), banana catsup, worcestershire sauce and cooking oil to baste your favorite barbecue. Use a basting brush (a clean paint brush will do) as you charcoal broil your barbecue and your family will love it. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

  5. Wow the picture speaks for itself! Yum yum

  6. tsarap naman nyan,Ate Rose!!

    Thanks for showing your concern,Ate Rose,ok na si Haruka.chus,ikaw pa!ayoko lang na meron akong nami-miss na post mo pati ng mga kaibigan ko kaya lang talagang oras lang ang kalaban ko lol!Kung pwede nga lang naka-tutok lang ako sa pc eh ginawa ko na!hahaaa!!

  7. btw,ok lang ba kayo dyan sa swine flu?Ingat kayo ha!!

  8. Sarap naman nyan...Btw I have a tag for you

    Have a lovely day...

  9. My Gosh.. meron pang left over, padala na lang sa akin yan...

    Actually never tried menudo (pinoy version). I tried it here the authentic Mexican menudo.. goodness I love it.

  10. I love Menudo too..and perhaps I will try that liver spread that you added.. Im sure its truly yummy as the picture speaks for itself.

    Hello Mommy, First time visiting here.. Hope we can be friends too.

  11. ay naku naghahanap nga ako dito inutusan ko asawa ko maghanap nyan ha ha kaso wala kahit sa asian store la din sarap din kc yan sama sa mga niluluto

  12. Hi Steve, hahaha my husband always asked me if I never get tired of lookign at the computer lol.. That would be nice but I don't think it will click since blogging is really so addictive!

  13. Wow, you cooked a special menudo! Sarap nyan sigurado kasi may liver spread pa!

    Pareho pala tayo, heto ako at nasa laptop samantalang nasa sofa ang mga laundry clothes to be folded. Ano nga ba ang gamot sa blog addiction?
    Wahhh, hindi ko na mapigil itoh!

  14. Hi. Blog Hopping. Tnx for dropping by to my site. Have a great day! ^_^

  15. @Hi Martin, yup only sauce was left!

    @Hi Shy, wala na eh.. yung natira kinain pa ni hubby lol.. Sure I'll give the recipe to you.. Thanks for the tag!

    @Hi Dhemz, hahaha 4 baskets pala ha, sige i'll help you! I don't really follow recipe so kun ano ang andito sa seller ginagamit ko lol..

    @Hi Kuya Mel, I never knew that before because I didn't really cook in the Phils. Can't use peanut butter here because EJ is allergic to it.. Thanks for the tips on barbecuing!

    @Thanks Manang KIm!

    @Same here Rizza, kulang sa oras magbloghop, mga anak ko laging kalaban lol.. Glad haruka is fine now.. Safe pa naman kami sa swine flu kaya bihira kami lumabas, may cases na nga dito eh..

    @Thanks for the tag Mommy Jac!

    @Meron palang mexican version nyan noh, its probably spicy ano Nans?

    @Hi Jae, thanks for visiting back..


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