Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Band

We went to Duffy's last Friday night to eat and before we chow, my daughter and I went to the restroom. When we came in, we found the tres marias of the band. These three talented and beautiful ladies are the members of the band that plays inside the navy base. They were getting ready but they want to take photos with us so here they are..With Jenna and Issa. With Kristine and Jenna.. Thanks a lot ladies! Thanks Jen for sending the pics to me, mwah!


  1. woi manang...kala ko memeber ka din ng band....hehehhee....sabi mo kasi 3's marias...napagkamalan kita tuloy...hehehhehe...joke...great pics..thanks for sharing!

  2. Pwede naman dhemz diba ol joke...

  3. i wish i was there! you're all beautiful! pinays are really adorable.

  4. wow ganda ng mga ladies hehe

  5. sori mads super tamad mi take photos now....maski na sa bag ko camera ko haha inda daw nata..next time mapicture na ako hehehe

  6. nice pictures, Rose...parang member ng band and dating mo sa picture ah :-)...lucky RYLIE lagi siya sa pictures with them...

  7. ay.. kala ko member ka rin ng banda. hehe. na-lost ako doon ha.

    i forgot nga pala to let you know that your badge is already up on my blog www.healthnbeyond.com

    mwah. belated happy mother's day rose!

  8. What an experience to see and have photos with members of a band. You all look so pretty and gorgeous. Your Rylie looks like she has the poise to be a band member herself, hehehe,lol. Thanks for the post and photos. God bless you all always.

  9. ano nationality nila? are they Filipino too?

  10. Likewise sheng!

    @Hahaha thanks dong!

    @Thanks anne!

    @Hahahaha dapat pirmi may phtioso mads ngani dakul an remembrance..

    @Hahaha Pwede ba ako maging member ate? Thanks!

    @Thanks Philip!

    @Hi Maxi, hahaha pwede ba ako? Thanks for the badge/banner and for the greetings.

    @Hello Kuya Mel, actually they really like taking pics with my daughter nakikisawsaw lang ako hehehe..

    @ Hi Ams, yup they are filipinas!

  11. Galing talaga ng mga Pinoy performers 'no? kahit saang bansa may raket! Ang cute nyo kasi kaya gusto nila pa-picture sa inyo!

  12. wow!!stunning pinays!!iba talaga ang beauty ng pinay--outstanding!!


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