Monday, April 27, 2009

Wingy Night

Friday Night is called Wing night in my family hehehe.. Why, are you curious? It's because every Friday, they sell chicken wings at Duffy's for 10 cents ($.10) each only. So for 20 pieces you only pay 2 bucks. Pretty good deal isn't it. But since I can't eat chicken anymore (I'm allergic), i just munch on their pizza. EJ love the bread sticks... John and Rye love everything lol..
Alright, enjoy the feast hehehe..


  1. wow in? kakaloka naman..super cheap yung chicken wings....:) love pizza...glad to know about your wing night...hehehe...great idea!

  2. wow mura nman nyan naku c hubby tawag nya jan sa wings pag nagluto ako snack lang ha ha kaya sabi ko matuto xa kumain he he anu pa nga ba

  3. wahhh, ang sarap naman ng dinner nyo, my craving for pizza gets worst after seeing it; too bad can't eat more carb now because of my diabetes.

    ikain mo na lang ako, Rose lkung may natira pa dyan :-)...wink

  4. ang sarap ha!!parang fiesta dyan!makikikain nga!


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