Friday, April 24, 2009

A sack of rice

When we arrived here a year ago, the price of this bag of rice is only 16 dollars and something, but now it cost $23+ already. Can you believe that? Everything is going up but me hehehe. Kidding aside, I am just wondering how other families who don't have fix income can survive economic downturn. We are not rich so wise budgeting is very important to us. How about you?


  1. oi mura na yan mads, ta here 4.5 kilos na rice from asian shop 9 euro na, how many kilos yan? hirap life specially wara babudgeton hehehe

  2. ang hirap talaga ng buhay ngayon--buti na lang may rasyon kami ng bigas galing MIL ko,nakakatulong talaga!

    hooist!bago na pala ang header mo--ang galing ha!!^_^


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