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Thursday, April 16, 2009

our fairy

Hey guys, good morning! How's your Wednesday so far? I had a good time with my Korean language class yesterday. Right now, I am typing and at the same time cooking some beef nilaga hehehe... Anyhow, I just want to share these smiles to brighten up your day a little bit. Taken this morning while she was eating breakfast. Have a good day everyone and take care!
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  1. She looks cheerful with her breakfast

  2. talagang sarap na sarap cya sa pagkain nya sa umaga ha!

  3. hahhaha....cute naman talaga...she definitely looks like John....bungisngis...hehhee...joke...honga pala asan yung smile ni EJ....ehhehehe! thanks for sharing sis....hope to chat with you bukas....sleepy na si lola mo...just stopping by to say hello...hehhee! miss ya

  4. Great morning to start! CUte naman nya... i wonder why do you study korean language? **curius lol**

  5. cute... cute... cute... cute... cute...

  6. That sweet smile will truly make your day! Pwede ba, pakurot lang sa pisngi! he he... pwera usog kay Rylie.

  7. cutey tlga! :) nakasmile kasi masarap luto mo mare hehehe

    may fun tag ako sau.. family sticker! heheheh.

    nalagay ko na rin ang kawaii award ha.. thanks a lot!

  8. Hala cge posing while having having her foods... artistahin tlga tong mga kids mo dangz uy!... can't wait to see mine too, mapupuno dn camera ko sa baby lang...hahahhaahah

  9. laki na ng girl mo Rose.
    Sarap ng breakfast niya, buti sayo at kumain ang anak mo ng rice for breakfast,tong Erik ko, hindi. He always have bread and fresh milk for breakfast. But during summer I give him juice but too seldom.

    Yong girl mo parang dalaga na hehe.


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