Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hangin' Out

As i have mentioned in my previous post, Rylie loved mango shake so much that she always asked us to come out at the garden of the hotel and hang out while we wait for her oredered mango shake. The camera is always there to capture the moments of course.
Here's our princess patiently waiting for her mango shake. Rylie took this picture of mine. She really love taking photos. My ever loving husband and Daddy to our angels.
Here's EJ trying to use the soap as a telescope. Our son is an aspiring astronomer hehehe..


  1. I see you can certainly recommend a good dentist Rose!

  2. hahaha... an aspiring astronomer. thats cute.

  3. Hello Rose,
    nice pictures, you look happy and satisfied wth that vacation hehe.
    when we were in hubby and Erik fell inlove of the yellow sweet mango :) what a pity I haven't think to let Erik taste a mango shake. I love mango shake its delicious.

    Buti nalang sa inyo your kids didn't get sick when you were there.
    Si Erik everytime we are in Phils, lagnatin at ubuhin talaga.
    Year 2006,he was sick for more than a week, and last year ganon pa rin, nilagnat at inubo. Di masyadong kumain, inom lang ng inom. Iba kasi temperature sa atin.
    Happy to see your kids na healthy sila don sa atin.

    will visit you again tonight ..have to run for work muna

    ingat and regards to your family

  4. mads nag eenjoy ako kan mga photos nindo..
    this is the second telescope ni EJ if im not mistaken!
    sya mapalit ki Armstrong---lol

  5. cute talaga ng babies mo bah! hihi. did they enjoy the PHilippines somehow.

    miss ko na talaga PInas!

    miss yah sis! good to know that you are back blogging.

    got a tag for you on my other blog...

    ui, baka pwede exlinks din tayo ng other blog ko... hehe

  6. got a tag for you nga pala. my way of saying thank you for being a friend!

  7. woi talaga namang nag enjoy mga faces nyo...hehehhe...joke!

    Ang saya saya kaya ng mga mukha nyo manang...hehehe..dapat ang ending kayo 4 ...hehehe...joke lang!

    woi talaga naman..ako din love ko rin mango shake...namnam...basta gawa ng mango masarap..did you let her try mango ice cream? hehehe!

  8. I like your happy moments, they are priceless :)


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