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Monday, April 6, 2009

EJ's moment

We celebrated John and EJ's birthdays during our vacation in the Philippines with family and friends. When EJ got tired he just sat in front of the food and just staring at me so I was taking these photos of him. My brother Rick tried to talk to him but he just look at him hehehe...


  1. So adorable. :) Time flies fast, doesn't it?

  2. he hungry or not in the mood manang ko....hehhehe....parang shy ata tong ulitawo mo...well, I don't know...kasi akalain mong he touched somebody's butt....hehhehe...joke! kakaloka...:)

  3. Halo rose bloghop hop ako dito, hehe. Yeah I read that one too at your hubbys blog. I told my hubby about your little chubskulit and he was laughing he said it was funny. Napaka naughty ng bunso. Both your baby are so cute. paano sila nakikipag usap sa mga bata during your vacay? nag iingles din ang mga bata sa inyo kapag nakikipag usap sa mga nak mo? Your EJ napaka cute at gwapo, lalaki talaga anak mo dear touching somebody's butt hehehe.

  4. my greetings is too late. please extend my greetings to little ej and john.

  5. Belated Happy Birthday to EJ and Mr.Joops!!Best wishes!


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