Sunday, April 19, 2009

Chilly Walk

We did our family walk by the beach yesterday but it was cold out there that we didn't stay very long. Before going back to the base, I took some pictures of the flowers beside the road. Here are some of the assortment of the gorgeous flowers on the flower beds.
Here's my sweethearts goofing around hehehe.. We ended up playing on the playground area of the school inside the base. EJ made some progress when we went to the Philippines. He can climb to this tall slide by himself, he never did it before because he's afraid. But now, he can jam through it.. And we end up our bonding with some chicken wings and Pizza at Duffy's.


  1. have this kind of flowers mads bigay ni moder,,,cute talga pag lots of flowers around very refreshing ang dating.

  2. I love the flower photos. I love your bonding pictures. They reinforce my belief in the strength of the family as the basic unit of society. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

  3. pretty pansies here :-), good you guys have always fun times doing together as family :-); visiting here once again. have a great weekends, rose and yes, the friendship badge tag is for you, too. pls grab it when you get the chance!

  4. wow well captured flowers manang...very pretty....that's my my unfinished garden....:)

    wow EJ is getting bigger na...big boy...hehhehe! wow sarap naman pizza and chicken wings...hehehe...may natira pa ba? ehehhe...looks like you guys had a great time!

  5. ganda ng pics!

    buti pa dyan malamig, dito super init! buti na rin at nakabalik na kayo kundi mainit ang ulo ng mga chikiting mo sa init ng panahon dito.

  6. the flowers were captures excellently, ang gaganda talaga

  7. Ang ganda naman ng mga bulaklak na yan pati ang kulay! Parang ang taas nung slide, ako yata ang nalula. hehehe!

  8. Loving all the pictures, family bonding is great!! Happy Sunday!

  9. yup rose. thanks for noticing that. my PR went to zero today. i encountered some troubles with my google account where my URL is located. my computer got attacked by trojan virus today while i was logged in to my google account. everything just went out of order. the sitemap i submitted before disappeared and and the URL as well. so, i needed to fix everything from the beginning now. i am a bit upset but there's nothing i can do about it now.

    have a great day Rose.

  10. I also have Pansies in my garden dangz, they are so pretty really esp if you get all sorts of colors...

    I am just mad about flowers... bka nga sign to of having a baby girl? uummmm let see....:)

  11. Hi mads, oo nga saka nakakarelax tingnan diba!

    *Thanks Kuya Mel for such belief, I agree with you!

    *Hello ATe Ces, thanks a lot for the friendship tag.

    *Hhahaha wala ng natira dhemz, buto buto na lang lol..

    *Thanks Philip!

    *Oo nga Les, super init talaga dyan sa tin.. may migraine nga ako everyday during our visit..

    *Salamat Anne!

    *Hi Martin, It doesn't look like it but it feels cold.

    *Hi Anney, mataas nga.. kaya proud ako kasi nakaakyat sya magisa hehehe..

    *Thanks Manag Kim!

    * Hi maxi, hopefully you get back your PR soon!

    *Hahah Bat naman mad ka sa flowers dangz?

  12. Ang ganda ng mga flowers!!Did u write chicken and wings?!Where's my beer?inuman na!!


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