Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl

Good morning everyone, how are you doing today? I am a still sleepy but EJ woke me up. He said I have to get up because there is a task waiting for me hehehe. My husband is at Duffy's right now, they were given a day off today just so they could watch the Super Bowl. I am so happy that the commander in here is very nice, thank you sir! All the sailors are happy!


  1. wow! 3day weekend pala ni JUan...hehhe...nanonood na kayo? kaka bukas lang namin ng TV...hehhe!

  2. I've been hearing Super Bowl here but still don't know the rules of the game.But kinda interesting!!
    Thanks for dropping by,Te!\(^0^)/

  3. How I wish I could watch the games as well but we have no TV here at work..makikibalita nalang ako sa inyo Mommy Rose..Good thing your husband were givent the chance to watch..

  4. everyone's excited about this!

  5. Hi Rose,
    I have reviewed your blog at my How's Your Blog?. I hope you will like it. Thanks for your post. God bless you and your family always.

  6. Hi, I am glad you came by, yes everyone was excited about the game and I am glad to say our team won.


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