Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Yoki Muko Cigare

My husband brought us this very tasty snack from Japan called Yuki Mogu Cigare that his boss gave them, it's pretty tasty! Thanks Hon, we loved it! Okay, I am hitting the bed, sorry fr those blogs that I wasn't able to visit today, will catch up tomorrow if I'm free... Thanks for visiting and commenting, goodnight! It has sweet cream inside the roll and it taste really really good! Very sweet for a cigare hehehe..


  1. hahha..kala ko sigarilyo..mukha lang pala...hehhe..meron pa ba? uy sistah..bat tumaas RR mo..dami pala opps sa SS tapos laki pa ng amount...kaso d m qual..try mo! hehehe

  2. Hi Rose, they sure look like Havana cigars. I can guess they taste real good.
    Eat plain or add butter? I must check out the Japanese stores here see if can find them.
    Have a goodnight ZZZZZZZZZ. Lee.

  3. nice food! by the way ! got an awards for you pls grab anytime! how are u?

  4. hi rose - just want to let you know that another award is waiting for you. thank you for visiting my blog and hope you'll appreciate my gift =)

  5. one of a kind snack ha...im so sleepy too...hit to bed soon

    hoping you can visit my blog without a problem this time


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