Friday, January 16, 2009

Spanish Rice with Tortang Talong

I prepared Spanish rice and tortang talong (eggplant omelet) yesterday for our dinner. My husband love tortang talong so much. Our kids likes it too. i cooked the tortang talong without any other kind of veggies this time. Whenever I make it, I always put tomatoes, onions, and some bacon tidbits and egg on it. But this time, I used Italian bread crumbs instead, it was still good even though there's no tomatoes and stuff.


  1. Yummm..I wish my hubby would eat egg plant. Unfortunately, he doesn't care much for veggies. I love tortang talong, but you cannot buy good talong here. Grrr...This post looks yummy..

  2. ika talaga makagutom man yading kakanun mo,,makikawn daw ako jan saindo hehe

  3. wow! sarap naman nito...lam mo ba manang d pa ako nakagawa ng tortang talong in my whole life..hehheh..kakakhiya..papano ba yan gawin?


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