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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

sleepless night

We had a rough time the night before last night because our son did not sleep well. He kept us all night, he was trying to make me nurse him again but I don't want to stop what I started. We been through this twice and we didn't succeed and this time I want to succeed weaning him... The funny thing is, I miss our bonding huwahhhhhhhhhh. He refused to take nap yesterday, he was crying for meme. I am glad that last night was good, he only woke up once and I just massage his back and he went back to sleep.


  1. oh yes. my son, for the past few days couldn't sleep well at night until we massage his back. Same here...hehehe

  2. might be tiring at first but he will get used to it eventually.hinay-hinay lang,te!

  3. wow! that was a good start sis...hehhe...good job!

  4. Oo nga Clarissa, kaso ang aking meme eh matigas pa rin hehehe..

  5. Oo nga dhemz, hopefully tuloy tuloy na to..


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