Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Jewels

No matter how tire you get from work, when you come home and see your kids, everything just vanish. That you are full of energy again, especially if your kids come running and hollering for your name. Gosh, its a music to a parent's ears hearing those words that your children are calling you. Its a wonderful feeling you have when you have kids waiting for you to arrive. It is also a very good way of easing up your stress at work, I always call my children my children and whenever I am having a bad day, they make it better.


  1. What a beautiful photo of Mommy and her babies. Yes, coming home from a hard day and having the children come running to you makes the day worthwhile.

  2. Their laugh and smiles are truly amazing it make us happy even we were exhausted from work when we got a hug from our kids it would even relax us have a nice day!

  3. Yup, hard times turns into laughter when you come home and see you and all excited and that...

  4. very well said, Rose :-) i agree wit you 100%


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