Monday, June 17, 2013

Boat Coffee Table

My husband love this boat coffee table at the Turtle Cove resto. Every time we would go there to eat, he would always say something about it. He is planning to buy one of this before we go back to mainland, he want to put this in our family room where the theme of the design is Asian with sailor concept on it. Doesn't it look cute?

Originally posted on Jan. 17, 2009 when we were still in South Korea


  1. It is an awesome table mommy. An awesome conversation piece of a table. I like it too since it is very unique.

  2. That'a a very unique coffee table. I think it's very inviting and a wonderful piece of furniture.

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  4. The boat coffee table is a 1/2 scale of a 8' Sailboat Dinghy. It was handcrafted by Wood N Stuff out of Michigan. The were approximately 3000 built from the late 80's to 2000. The brass plate shown in the picture should have the number assigned tot he boat. The full scale Dinghy was built prior to the scaled model as a coffee table. The 1/2 scale is built to the full size boat specifications. It is my understanding that they were built and shipped all over so it doesn't surprise me to see one in South Korea. I heard that Ross Perot purchased one and another was shipped to an Admiral on an aircraft carrier out of San Diego. I have number 1938. The woods used were sapele mahogany, luan and oak. Excellent craftsmanship.


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