Thursday, December 18, 2008

Let's laugh

Hey, its time for us to have a little laugh while blogging.... here are my picks, hope you like it. I got this from the annual humor isse of the Reader's Digest caled Laugh.

GEE, thanks for help
For some reason, the bookstore clerk couldn't get the computer to recognize my preferred costumer card. Peering over her shoulder at the screen, I said, "There's part of the problem, it shows my birthdate as 12/311899."
"That's right," my husband chimed in. "She was born in June , not December."
M. Patricia Capin

At 82 years old, my husband applied for for his first passport. he was told he would need a birth certificate, but his birth had never been officially registered. When he explained his dilemma to the pasport agent, the response was less than helpful. "It's all right," the agent said. "Just bring a notarized affidavit from the doctor who delivered you." Elgarda Ashliman

Come on guys, have a good laugh!


  1. hheeheh
    matravel pa si lolo at 80 yrs old hehee wala pa sa sibilisasyon!!!

  2. Hahaha... I read this one from Reader's Digest... its so funny talaga...

    BTW, mommy Rose, I already added u to my YM.. hope we can chat too like sistah Dhemz.

  3. wee missed reading Rd, hehehe! ala n kasi subscription! yep, yan isa sa inkaunang binbsa ko, hehehee! laughter is the best medicine! take care!~

  4. Just like my Dad, he doesn't know when he was born, not birth certificates in his neck of the woods at that time in Cyprus. He had to guess when officialdom in the UK required it.

  5. Helo Rose, thanks for the tip! yes have opened pero fully reserved na daw! ewan pero color white prn sya...

    Anyway, this is funny... yea we all need to take a break and just laugh!!

    Take care, mwah mwah wmah

  6. that funny...
    Happy weekend Rose

  7. it was a funny story :-)

    here visiting you dear :-)

  8. oo nga maus, si dad in law ko nga ala din sya kasi when they travel noon sa ship pa...

  9. gusto mo ba ng kopya Sunny, dami ko dito hehehe...

  10. Hi martin, how old is your Dad now? Yeah a lot of old people don't really have a cclue where to get those documents hehehe

  11. Hi Mads, aw to bad.. better luck next time na lang hehehe...

  12. Glad you find it funny Erik hahaha..

  13. Hello Ate Cecille, thanks for dropping by!


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