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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Feeling of Guilt

Okay here's a brief recap of tonight's event. My children were cool when we dropped them at the child care center at 6 pm. Although I was enjoying the event, my mind was pre-occupied with thoughts of my kids. We stayed till after dinner then we came back to get the kids. I felt so bad because they both cried looking for us. My daughter fell asleep but my son did not. I felt so guilty leaving them there because they are not use to it. My daughter told me "Please don't attend to parties anymore Mom." I don't think I will be able to this again... Sigh... I'll post about the ball tomorrow.. Goodnight folks.. Thank you so much for visiting! Hope I can visit you back tomorrow before I go to work.. oh crap, I have work tomorrow.. Oh Man! I'm leaving you these beatiful caption and photo for you to reflect.. Good night!


  1. Hi rose. have an award for you and joops. ;) take care always.

  2. nabuyong an mads sa party nindo kaya nakahigda sa tinampo! lol joke joke
    maski ako man iwalat maibi ako waaaaahhhh

  3. oh that is really heartbreaking...yap, i understand...maybe they don't enjoy the place and the people manning the area.

    I had a baby-sitting client as a sideline 3x/week and the baby girl is 15months old. She is having a good time with me because I play with her, dance with her and talk to her. I used my teaching techniques too. What made me feel sad was, when the mother arrives, she starts to cry coz she don't want me to leave her. Heartbreaking sight was, when mommy comes, she don't come to her and I find it awkward. But, the mommy says, it made her so relax and contented that the baby enjoys with my company and thankful to me. My point was, some childcare center is very cold. I had the preveledge last August to work in a daycare too but, i don't like the atmosphere/rules. I miss the kids in there too. No wonder why some kids doesn't like to be in childcare.

  4. i love the pix you posted :-), yup, you feel guilty esp. when you are not ysed to leaving your kids with other people, but you've got to do what you've got to do :-) felt the same way as you do before putting jake to day care, now am alright...

  5. hahaha, i got confused with your comment mads and then i realized the pic that i've used lol.. Yep ako nagahibi ako kaito pag dai ako kaiba ni mama hahaha..

  6. I agree with you Amy... Plus my son don't sleep without me talaga. I don't think i would be able to do it again... I'll just sacrifice my personal functions just to be with my children...

  7. Hello Ate Cecille, its very hard for me and the kids.. We have a serious problem in dealing with this separation anxiety hehehe...

  8. mom na mom talaga,I understand your feeling because I'm also a mom

  9. Oo mahirap talaga ate Weng pag love mo mga anak mo, hirap iwanan hehehe..


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