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Monday, September 1, 2008

Can't Wait

Hello everyone, thanks a lot for visiting my blog even if i'm gone. I am just using the business center of the hotel, I can't take it anymore, i have to use a computer or i'll be nuts lol! My husband took a picture of me saying "breaking the addiction" hahaha! We'll be back tomorrow afternoon, so please hang in there friends, I'll visit you all back. Our vacation is awesome so far, we still have a night to enjoy. Have fun blogging everyone, i'll see u tomorrow.


  1. wahahahaha! i just had that kind of feeling, lucky me that i was able to blog though i was on tiring! enjoy your last night you have lot of stories to share..dont forget to take a pic! lol....see ya!

  2. Yup, you're right! my husband said that i am so addicted to this that even if we're on vacation, I am still thinking about it lol!

  3. wahaha yeah right! on a*, lots*
    take care!

  4. Aw inda baga, kakaadik talaga to.. Can't take not to think about it, sigro i'm gonna go nuts if i couldn't use a pc in a week hahaha..

  5. wow miss long hair I can't wait to read your posts...dalia na ngani pag uli mo ta miss tanayka!

  6. I'm home already lou, just can't post a long one yet coz i'm so tired hehehe..

  7. I am addict too lol. Even if i am tire i tried to open pc, just to read and visit others.
    I was thinking to write blogs too even we are on vacation. Sure, I couldn't wait lol

  8. OO nga ate weng, this blogging thing is getting so addictive hehehe. If I could do it in my sleep, i think i will hahaha!


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