Tuesday, August 19, 2008


My luvvydubby called me from work this morning and asked Can you please do me a favor?" I said "Of course, what is it?" Hubby said "Can you make us some giniling for lunch?" "Ahhhh, ok, I'll try.. " i sad. He's been bugging me for this for a long time now but I never did so because I don't know how hahaha. But then again I have to fill my honey's craving so I looked on the net for some recipe's but am not very contented with what I found so I called my Pinay neighbor on how to make it. She said that she usually makes it with ground beef but since I only have ground pork, I am going to try my own hahaha. Thanks Ate Lelet! Now we're done eating lunch and I got an excellent rating from him, even my picky eater (my son EJ) ate a lot. My daughter said "See Mom, everytime I helped you cook, the food tastes a lot better!" I got a good laugh on that one lol.. Here it is tadah!


  1. now i know what you mean ..can I please borrow your recipe? That sure looks yummy... Thanks for the post dear

  2. It's fast and easy lou.

    ground pork/beef
    onion & garlic
    green peas
    red bell pepper
    soy sauce

    Saute the garlic, onion, tomatoes and ground meat. Add soy sauce... Let it cook for 10 minutes then add the carrots and potatoes. Put the bell pepper and green peas last.

    Notice that i don't have measurements with the ingredients. It's up to u to just calculate how much do u have to put lol..


  3. thank you rose I'll cook it tonight :-)

  4. I recommend that you add some oyster sauce as well at the time of adding the soya sauce!

  5. I like giniling :) Favorite ng hubby and baby ko yan.
    Yup, tama si commenter Rumusser, try mo add ng oyster sauce sarap yan ..hhmmm yummy!!!

  6. opied this one from my chat box.. Thanks Mommy Cecile.

    19 Aug 08, 10:55
    cecile: salamat ang sarap naman ng giniling, pahingi naman sige gunite na!

  7. ^_^Thanks, rummuser for the suggestion, greatly appreciate it and will try it next time.

    Thanks a lot ate Weng!

  8. Thanks Mhars, it does tasted good. Hubby said "I can't believe you never cooked this before!"

  9. wow, giniling, that's my favorite food...whego on duty i usually order that in our canteen...

  10. wow, i love giniling...it's my favorite

  11. Sis your Giniling looks yummy!
    Btw, thanks for the comment Appreciate it.
    I will surely add you in my blogroll now.

    Here's mine:


  12. congrats on making your kids and hubby happy


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