Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tree Lighting

Ceremonial Lighting of the Christmas Tree. This evening we celebrated with the rest of the base, the lighting of the base Christmas tree. It started off with refreshments and short program which included Christmas caroling by the C. T. Joy elementary school students (music by the ROK Navy band). It was a really good time but it was really cold.
Our family photo....
With my korean student, Jason..
The C.T Joy students caroling performance....
The Christmas Tree ( a real tall pine tree)... Not so much light though...


  1. nice naman!!!!
    have an awards for u pls grab

  2. nice shot of the christmas tree :-) i love your family photo.

    thanks fro stopping by :-)

  3. I love your family photo too..sistah!

  4. mangarolling po here
    !!merry xmasssssssssss merrrry xmasssssss...hehehehe
    malayas muna ulit kmi..

  5. wow...that is really nice Rose...guess, you had fun....nice family pictures as ever

    btw, got a tag for you, just grab it okay? see yah around

  6. pwede ang barya mads? hehehe...atyan na ako macaroling sa harong mo hehehe

  7. Hello Ams, thanks for the tag and compliment..

  8. Wow! so nice! at ang ganda ng ngiti mo with your family :D
    Seriously, love your photo op with your family ;)

  9. Hi Cookie, just feel so happy when I'm with my family hehehe... Thank you Cookie...


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