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Monday, December 1, 2008

So bbbbrrrrr COLD!

It's getting so cold in here... I bundled up myself before going to work because I can't take the cold outside.. I feel like its tearing my skin. I walk going to and from work so I have to make sure I am propped up or else I'm gonna freeze to death hehehe.. Good night everyone.. Thanks for dropping by, I'll visit you guys tomorrow.. it's midnight here already, whew!


  1. visiting you tonight...bundle up girl!!! :-)

  2. BRRR.. Korea has a real cold climate.. good thing here in Cali the weather is bearable.

  3. I remember Korea is also a cold country. We stayed in Pyeongtek, Anjung-Ri, outside Camp humphrey's. Now, it's cold here, but not as much as North states, yey!

  4. best way to show christmas in the west is thru a photo like this! it's almost christmas!!! enjoy!

  5. woah! you looked so wrapped up beautifully my dear.. hehehe

    nyways i have a tag for you

    hope u grab it :)

    take care!

  6. grrr....hahhah...lamig na pala jan sistah? buti dito sa Sacramento walang snow...malamig lang pag madaling araw...during winter pa me mag bundle up...hehehe!

  7. ate buti pa dyan malamig. dito mainit padin e, di tuloy ako makapag suot ng trench coat, hehe..

  8. wow, sarraaap nmn nyan,lol!!!! whew lamig lamig siguro,hehehehehe! nice outfit kabayan!hehehehe


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