Thursday, December 4, 2008

The MEN of my Life

I am so glad that my husband love kids. When I first brought him to meet my family, he played the whole day to my nieces and nephews. I just knew right there and then that he will be a good Dad. Our two precious ones are very close to him, he can't leave without them complaining about it hehehe. They're very demanding too (more than me lol), they always want hugs and kisses before he leave. Well, when I started doing my part time job, my son got very close to him. He can just sit or lay beside his Dad all day like the the one in the picture above. I am glad that he is getting better now, he was fevered for three days in a row. I found out today that it was his teeth that was bothering him. He is cutting his upper molar. Alright, this is it for now friends, I have to go to bed now. My eyes are closing already hehehe... Goodnight and happy blogging.. don't forget to leave your footprints here through the comments...


  1. Hi Rose...

    Hopping here. Musta ang buhay dyan sa S. Korea? Asan kayo dyan? Seoul?


  2. hello,,aren't we lucky to have such a nice man in our life?

    anyway,i was wondering if im likned up here already since you are linked on mined.
    if i havent please link me up....thanks

  3. Your husband looks a great partner and a great father as well. Lucky you are!

  4. you are lucky sistah! likewise hubby is like that too...the first time we met I knew that he will be a good dad...he loves to play with my cousins and my cousins love him too...:) Now that we have Akesha...I can see how much he loves to take care of her. Greg is very hands-on dad...I am very grateful kay Lord for having a husband like him...lucky talaga tayo sa mga husband....kahit demanding tayo...hehehhe...ako demanding and stubborn pa...hehehe!


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