Wednesday, December 17, 2008

EJ's Christmas Toy

This battery operated holiday train was given to EJ by his Aunt Chris last year. The train makes sound and goes around the railway when you turn it on. EJ love it, but sometimes he wants the train to go somewhere so he always picks it up and lay it somewhere. That's when he realizes that the train won't go without the track so he cries out of frustration hehehe.


  1. heheh i can imagine him crying over his frustrations rosey :) cute baby boy! :D

    by the way dear, i have a favor please. can u email me back? my email ad is

    its very important! :D thanks

  2. Hi Niko, yeah he has a temper that you don't want to see everyday hahaha..

  3. hehehe
    galing ni ej boy!!! like to discover something!!!


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