Monday, November 3, 2008

Pasta Grande

I don't have work today so me and our daughter Rylie made some lasagna.
I am glad that my hours for my part time job got reduced, I only work during Sundays and Mondays starting this month. So what I did, Instead of teaching Amy 3 times a week, we will do it Saturdays only. It will save her some money for the bus fare and it will save my kids from catching cold outside since it is getting cold in here. Thanks Amy for agreeing to my suggestion!


  1. uy..sarap naman nito...gutom tuloy to make this too..lasagna!

  2. Adik dyan si hubby hehehe... Saka si Rye adik din in helping me hahaha...

  3. Wow! Pasta grande...pahingi naman rose :)

  4. Hi marly, thanks for the visit,.. yeah sure.. I can bake you a pan if you want to hahaha..

  5. Hubby and my son made lasange last Friday. Sarap, it is my familys favorite


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