Thursday, November 6, 2008

Honeymoon in Cebu

Me and my husband both love to travel, its one thing that gives us relaxation. We had an unforgettable experience when we went to Maribago Blue Water Resort in Cebu City, Philippines for our honey moon. We planned to stay there for a week but we got disappointed when the waiter overcharged us with the drinks and food we ordered. I mean, we like the place and everything but the dishonesty of the resort's employee. So after a couple of days we decided to transfer to another nearby resort called Tambuli Beach and stayed for the rest of the week. Here's a picture of us taken in Maribago Beach.

By January we are planning to go to Japan if our budget permits lol. My husband is going there for a couple of weeks to attend the TAP class and we are thinking to go with him. When we go back to mainland, hubby really wants to go to Maine and experience the natural beauty of the place. The best time to go there i believe is during summer time because it is so cold in that State. 


  1. my $upport,heheheheh! droppin by kabayan!!!!

  2. sarap nmn nyan bakasyon galore,hehehehehheh!

  3. Oo nga, pera lang ang kulang hehehe..

  4. haha..we went to CEbu for our honeymoon too...we spent 1 week over there...t'was cool! para pa kayong mga walang anak nito...I mean fresh lovers..heheh....:) Wow, JAPAN..that is not part of our lists...hehhe...we are planning to go to CHINA...hopefully by 2010..ek!

  5. Awesome...a must buy..thanks for posting about it, specially if we do decided to go out and travel the the picture of you and your hubby! :)

  6. Hi demz, see we have a lot in common talaga pati honeymoon hahaha.. yeah, we don't have kidoes there yet, fresh lovers pa sabi mo nga hehehe.. Hopefully we could got to Japan with John.. Still need to apply for a visa though..

    Wow, China.. dream ko din pumunta dun kaso ala pag asa heheh.

  7. Hi Tiff, you're welcome.. Yeah it will be handy in travelling... I'm planning to buy one too..

  8. wow, japan, nice but is not in our list din hehe. malayo kasi pag dito mag start sa Sweden , kaya dhil sa kalayuan, sa pinas nalang kami tutuloy , lubos lubosin na :)

    hubby loves travelling kaya nahawa naman ako sa kanya.
    We had planned to go to Greece next year. We supposed to go to Greece this year but hubby changed and pinapili ako, hay ang hirap... he let me choose betwen greece and Pinas, of course I choosed pinas, becuase I want to meet my mama, sisters, relatives and friends .can you imagine 2 years kaming hindi nakauwi don haaay..

    so next year dito na sa europe, kasi malapit lang din at makamura kami.

    I hope you will enjoy your vacation in Japan Rose. never been there but sure it is a nice country.

  9. oh, reminiscing with you Rose, you both are a cute pair.


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