Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Smile is contagious. So if you wear a smile everytime, you can make the world smile too. It doesn't hurt to smile and it does not cost a penny either. So why frown all the time and put wrinkle on your face if you can just wear even a simple smile on your face? You don't need big bucks to make yourself pretty, just smile all the time and you will sure look beautiful. Oh, admit it, you're smiling now while reading this... Keep on smiling!


  1. im smiling here,,,,,heheheeh
    see...over smiled na..
    cute the baby,,,,hay sakoya na an..hehe

  2. hahahha good, am glad your smiling lol..thanks mads!

  3. yeah right smile is a contagious like deseases, but in all kind of desease smile is the healthy one!.

  4. Korek ka dyan mare, kaya smile ka lang ng smile... Its a cheapest way of making us healthy and pretty, agree?


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