Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kielbasa + Sauerkraut

Do you eat kielbasa (pronounced as Kabasi)? I was craving for that smoked sausage that my father in law used to cook in his house. So when we went to the big commisary in Daegu today, we bought two packages of it along with a big jar of sauerkraut (firmented cabbage). When we arrived home, hubby cooked it. It's easy to prepare, you just basically slice the sausage and add the sauerkraut and bring it to a boil, add some black pepper and tadah, good meal na. Hubby added a little bit of Michelob light beer to take away the sourness of the cabbage.


  1. I never heard of that dish sistah...I'll take the smoked sausage...hheheh!

  2. Yeah, i did not like it at first because it was so sour for me and it a little bit stinky hahaha because of the firmented cabbage but as I ate it over and over again, i begin to like it..

  3. this is the normal food here in germany!
    purga na ako sa sausage and saurkraut..
    i tried to eat it once a month it is good when you reheat the saurkraut and put a little bit water di sya masyadon maasim.


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