Thursday, August 7, 2008


I woke up early this morning so I can grab some opps while the kids are still asleep and I got lucky to have one. After I got done and submitted it, I started preparing the ingredients I need for our breakfast. I was in the middle when everything came off.. Oh my, I totally forgot about the power outage today. Not a good situation during summer, whew! But anyhow, I told my kids if they would like to go to the Gym so we can play while the electric is out. They like the idea so we head out there and played for about two hours and then came back home. When the power resumed, I cooked our suppose to be breakfast YAKISOBA and ate it for brunch. Masarap na pansit mga kababayan! Miss ko na kasi ang pansit hehehe..


  1. i love yakisoba but i can't really cook it good. perhaps, you can teach me how one day?

  2. Sure MAry Anne, that's no biggy.. it's all depend on your vailable ingredients and spices hehehe..

  3. ako man turo-e mahina ako pag about pansit cooking..bako perfect.
    makagutom man ini bata kape sna now ang breakfast ko ,tadaan ako dai pag paubos ki john!!!lol

  4. drools over the picture.Whoa! thats yummy..nothing beats pinoy fud (isip ulet)tlga! pansit pampahaba ng buhay! u just starve me....bye for now, need to pig out something like that, yum yum yummy!

  5. Madz Faye, I don't believe that you're not good in cooking pansit coz u are a great cook... Depende lang kasi siguro sa panlasa hehehe..

    Thanks a lot Filthy room for always sharing your personal opinion on my post.. Added u iin my list of friends dear!

  6. galing mo pala mg luto ate...!! best wife ... kaya pla malu2sog chiketng mo :)

  7. sarap naman akin na lang yan ha?

  8. sarap nyan yummy yummy. I cook pansit sometimes. That's favorite of my boy.
    Masarap talaga pagkain pinoy.

  9. Thanks for the compliment yub-pinay.. Natchambahan lang minsan hehehe..

    Meron pa dito Lou, papadalhan kita via fedex lol...

    OO ate weng, ala na siguro dadaig pa sa panlasa natin kundi pinoy foods hehehe..

    Thanks guys!


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