Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Our newly hired gardener....

My kids wanted to play outside one time last year so I decided to do some gardening while watching them.. As I was pulling out the weeds, my two makukulit ones are pulling the flowers too... Ugggghhhh.. sentiments of the plants hahaha.. When I got done weeding out, I watered them and my son EJ wanted to get the hose from me.. I sprayed him with water and he found it very amusing so I did it over and over again.. Then I let him hosed the rest of the plants..
here are the pics..


  1. kagayun man kan garden mo ,,,hain si rye ta si ej sana yaon?

  2. Can i borrow your garderner...? i like your new garderner... he..he..he..

  3. he is now hired! Cute pictures!

  4. kakatuwa naman ang mga gardeners mo. hehe. :)

  5. happy cute gardener hehe. i also have one. hehe

  6. ^Madz Fe, Rylie went back outside after a while coz the mosquitos were biting her.

    ^Am not sure about that Noni because my gardener is a personal one lol..

    ^Thanks Gilbert and Cely...

    ^Oo nga Lei, sobrang kukulit kaya minsan instead of getting mad, I have to find a way to divert it into a fun one.

    ^Ate Weng, how old na ba yung son mo?

    Thanks guys for the comments..



  7. Hello Rose, I quick visit your site before i go out.

    My son will be 3 years old this coming Sept.
    super kulit rin.Destroying things every now and then hehe.

  8. Now that looks like fun. Great photos.

  9. this is what my daughter said the other day that because the weather here is getting warmer, why not having fun with the water outside..hehehe

    enjoy na enjoy talaga si EJ

  10. wow, ang cute ninyo Mommy, so cool. I guess, nag enjoy ang boy nyo, hehe!


  11. My son loves it too, lalo na pag umuulan, haha!
    Nice photos talagang cool at nag enjoy pa.


  12. hhehhe...cute ng newly hired mong gardener sis....magkano per hour?

    per hour ba yan or per day? lol....:)

    musta na manang ko...sensya na ngayon lang ulit nakadalaw...busy ako kanina kasi we had a long quiz.....wala kasi kaming class sa thursday...kaya loaded kami today.

    musta na pala yung inspection? pasadong pasado ba?

    about pala sa opp...hheeh...salamat sa buzz...dko nakita yung buzz mo kanina kasi dko nag online....buti at nakuha ko around 1:30 after...buti d ako na 0 today.

    ready naba kayong umalis dyan? nag farewell party naba kau sa mga korean friends nyo sis?

    daan me muna dito....will blog hop a little bit....mga friendship lang muna...bukas na ako blog hop....ina-antok na ako eh....kulang kasi ako sa tulog....ehehhe!

    happy thanksgiving sis....thanks for being a good friend/sister/manang....:)

    mwah....ingat po and God bless....:)

  13. That young man is having a great time

  14. hihi, sounds like what my brother did a long time ago. My mother took teh weeds and my brother helped her and took the carrots too. :)

  15. wow..and cute naman ng little gardener mo sis Rose...nice shots for watery wednesday

    mine is here

  16. these are such fun watery images!

  17. Ngayon ko lang napansin ito. Nakakatuwa kayo ni EJ. Enjoy na enjoy kayo ni EJ sa pagdidilig pero mukhang basa na rin si EJ, lol. Mukhang mas enjoy siyang maligo kaysa magdilig, lol. Thanks sa nakakikilig na post. God bless you all always.

  18. mabuti ka pa sis well-managed ang garden mo unlike mine, horrible. hehe. sipag ng mga kids mo to help out ha.


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