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Monday, August 18, 2008

My little man!

Everytime I am cleaning our house, my son EJ would always want to help me. It's a big feat if I don't let him participate. Just like yesterday, I was trying to hurry up and clean before I go to work but my lil' boy followed me around complaining because he wanted to push the vacuum cleaner. I let him do it and he look at me smiling and very proud! Here's the kuha ng kasipagan. KODUS anak, way to go!..


  1. hi how are you hope doing fine...
    you've change your bloh's template
    it's good..

    your little boy really wants
    to help you ..

  2. thanks a lot Ace, I am perfectly fine. Yup, I tried changing my layout for a change, I'm glad you like it! Yup, my son always wants to be involved, I guess children are really like that. I hope that when he grows up, he still wants to help me lol..

  3. good thing that he's a helper at a young age. :)

  4. wow! thts cute. great work kiddo!!! piece of advice: just let him try to do the things that would make him feel great,wahehehe..a part of growing up, exploring the big world and acting like a big man. That's an accomplishment for your kiddo...reminds me of my nephew...

  5. Thanks Meia for the visit and comment. Yup, he like to do everything that we're doing.

    Kabayn, salamat na muli sa yung magagandang komento lol.. You're right though, whenever he does something and we praise him, he's so proud and acting like a real man lol.. I gues you are talking from your own experience hahaha.

  6. hahaha kids always love to help magagalit talaga yan pag di mo binigyan ng pagkakataun mag help..he is such a good kid hehe

  7. It's true lou. My daughter Rylie is the same way too, especially when I am cooking. She need to be there all the time, or else, she won't eat the food lol.

  8. Dami mo na palang na published rose. I had problem with my pc few days ago, kaya gamit ko pc ng hubby ko.
    BTW. cute ng baby oi, bata pa matulungin na hehe.
    Children are always curious and really want to help mother hehe.
    Like my boy here, everytime I clean the house, kuha kaagad yan ng basahan and broom. Then he always likes to turn on and off my vaccum lol.

  9. Thanks Ate Weng, sana nga when he grow up, he still want to help me lol.. Kaya lang one time nagbreak ako and i went to the kitchen to get some drink, suddenly I heard him scream, pinakialaman yung vacuum, ayun naipit.. sabi sakin bobo!


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