Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Messianic Banquet

Human life is a remarkable mixture of that famous "smile and a tear." We all have our ups and downs in life. We attend both weddings and funerals. Parents witness graduation and often the failures of their children as well. Married life can be like the smell of roses and turn into a nightmare. Young people are successful todayand can be turned down tomorrow. Friends may disappoint us and we may witness infidelity not only in our government but even in our church. All these may leave us confused and downcast. What are we to do. Are we to give up our faith in God? This is yesterday's reflection from the church my dear friends. I know that most of us are so busy with our daily lives trying to meet both ends meet that sometimes we forget our Sunday obligation of going to Church. But it doesn't mean that we don't really have time for God. For me it's not really important that we go to Church regularly as long as we believe that in our lives there's GOD. Prayer for me is the most important, because you can do it even at work or wherever you are. Just don't forget to include a minute of your time to talk to HIM if possible!


  1. You are right there, Rose. Not everything are having the good side. We better be prepared for tomorrow might be an entirely opposite happening,

    Yesterday, we had a liturgy mass where the priestess was the one celebrating and not a priest.

    Have you gone to RC mass with a woman priest before?

  2. This is a very good thing and message to reflect upon. This is like a warning, a reminder and serve-all message. Thanks for sharing.

  3. We are our own destiny but most people just don't realise it!

  4. agree here mads, special mention -religion...

  5. ^Webloglearner and Webbiestuff, yup we do need to reflect sometime even though we are so hecticly busy with our schedules. A moment with God is worthy of your time.

    I've never been to church with priestess as a celebrant. I would like to experience though.. Does it make a difference?

    ^You are right Martin and some people just chose to ignore it.

    ^Thanks Madz Faye..


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