Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Product of Boredom

When I got pregnant with my first one (I was still in the Phils then), my husband suggested that I should stop working in school, for me and the baby's safety. He was so protective of us, for the fact that we've waited for over a year and a half before I finally conceived. Since I live a little bit far from my family, there's nothing much to do but to shop and sleep. To ease away the boring days of my pregnancy, I got addicted to cross stitching.. Here are some of those I made.. 
A mom and the baby at the seashore... I like this design because it always reminds me of our beautiful place, which is known for whalesharks.. Donsol Sorsogon..
My favorite flower.. ROSE.. Are you familiar of this quote by Shakespeare? "What's in a name? That which we call a ROSE by any other name would smell as sweet" a queruben's smile set of baby's footprints.

our wedding dates...


  1. dakul talga magiginibo in boring moments.....cute ang xstitch..

  2. ganda ng mga masterpieces mo. :)

    naging addict din ako sa cross stitching nung dalaga pa ko and kahit nung may asawa na ko.. pero mas magaling ang husband ko dyan and mas malinis gawa nya. yan ang pang bonding moment namin noon. hindi na nga lang masyado ngayong may baby na kame. kasi nakikigulo din sya. :D

  3. ang cute naman ng mga nabili mo!

  4. You're right Madz Faye! Dapat kaya when you're bored, don't just sit around doing nothing.. Make your idle time a productive one..

    @Lei, thanks for the compliment... Tama ka, when I have my makukulit ones di na ulit ako nakapag cross stitch kasi di sila papayag na di sasali.. Yung mother and baby ang natagalan ako bago natapos, all the spaces kasi ng bung frame merong xtitch..

    @Hey Ace, yung materials lang binili ko, ako gumawa syempre.. proud ako dyan kahit mga simple lang..

    Thanks guys for the comments, greatly appreciated!

  5. bako palan mahal mag pa frame kan xstitch dyan?,,,and napansin ko igwa si rye na foot image,,how about naman ang inaanak ko?? huhu

  6. hi! thanks for stopping by... will add ur link a bit later... fix muna po dinner :)

    nways, cross stitching is one of my the things i love to do din, but when I had my baby I stopped doing it... too busy na sa internet and other stuff :)

    i have done quite a few fave is sleeping beauty, the bluemoon angel and jesus' face (i used a black cloth and a glow-in-the-dark thread)...gave it to hubby as a birthday present and he loved it so much... there are times that he just kept staring at it :)

    we should get together and start doing some cross stich projects again :)

  7. hi roselle, thanks for the comment..

    Yup, we should get together and do a project as bloggers hahaha.. That's a great idea i think!

    Di na rin ako nakakapag cross stitch now, lalo na blogging is so addictive hahaha..

  8. wow! nice ^_____^

    i like it.

    i tried cross stitching but i've never made a big one

    time consuming kasi, pero mahilig ako manahi ng damit

    yun kasi nagagagamit ko talaga (hehe)

  9. Hey madz, John said that its expensive in the states,,.. I just dunno here.. Yung mga products ko kasi na malalaki sa Pinas ko pa yan pina frame..

    Hi Peachy.. Wish I know how to saw clothes so I won't have to buy hehehe..

    Thanks guys for the comments..

  10. they are beautiful, sis!

    try ko hanapin ung mga gawa ko para ma frame din. :)

    i still wish to finish my panda pero i dunno if makaya ko pa. i need the time.


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