Thursday, July 10, 2008


We been recording videos of events for a decade now but we never had a chance to download it. I just now realize that the memory is getting full so I have to download it and transfer it on a disc. But electronic is one of my weaknesses, and right now I am about to kick myself. I'm having trouble downloading my videos into my PC.. We forgot to bring the manual when we came overseas so I couldn't figure out how am I gonna do this.. Can anyone help me please??? I really appreciate it if someone can tell me what to do. I desperately need help....This is a JVC hard disc camcorder with 30GB. THANKS in advance!


  1. Hey hi do u have any software cd that came with ur cam???? And u told u got 30GB of hard disk space in ur cam, so try connecting ur cam to the pc through the USB cable given for the cam, if ur r lucky it may just open as a normal USB drive in ur PC but if it requires software to run then try to install the software from the cd which u got wen u bought the cam!!!!!
    So simple!!!!!!

  2. we didn't receive a disk with the camera, we wrote JVC and requested one but they will not provide. They advised us to call them but we are unable to call from our location. We hooked it up on the computer but it's requesting software..

    Anymore ideas?????


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