Friday, July 25, 2008

Crabby Night

Last night was a family fun night for us. When my husband John arrived from work he asked me what's the menu for dinner. I wasn't so enthusiastic to cook because I had a migraine the whole day. But then I do need to get up so I can make some food for dinner.. I remember the crab we bought the other week. It was the easiest one to cook. I just put coconut milk and bamboo shoots (both from can) and added some spices, and bam, it was good to go. It's funny because as I was cooking it, all of them were staring and patiently watching the pan full of crabs lol..
When it was done cooking, my kids were so excited to eat.. Hubby didn't eat, not so fond of it..
Rylie: I want my own plate pls..
Me: No, I'll just feed you guys because this needs extra work..
EJ: Mama.. Mama..uhhh (pointing at the crab)..
Me: Wait a minute guys, I need to remove the shell.
Rylie: I want some??
Me: Guys, be patient please..
I wasn't able to eat until they were done.. They ate a lot though so its worth the wait lol.


  1. what a happy perfect family hehehe,,gusto ko rin crab mommy rose hehe

  2. wow! sarap sarap naman. kakatuwa naman kayo. :D

  3. Sure mommy lou, punta ka rito hehehe..

    thanks guys for the comments..

  4. masiramon man an kasag ate rose. may tada pa? ;)

  5. hi aileen, thanks for the comment.. I actually ate the left over today hahaha.. You bet, it wassss sooooo damn good hahaha..


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